Online Roulette Tables, Odds & Bonuses

Imagine a real-world casino for a moment. We bet one of the first things you thought of was a roulette table wasn’t it? It has to be said that few games typify the glamour and thrill of authentic casino gaming like roulette, and it’s with good reason that it remains a highly sought-after attraction at the best online casinos.

So what makes this famous ‘wheel-of-fortune’ so compelling? We’ll get into the detail below but, if you’re already chomping at the bit to get behind the wheel at a recommended casino, here are some very attractive options:

Top Online Roulette Casinos

Roulette Rules

For new players of roulette, the physical layout of the traditional table can make the game seem like it’s a complicated affair. Nothing could be further from the truth, and you’ll soon learn that roulette is supremely easy to understand and play. We guarantee that in a very short time you’ll be playing like you were born to do it.

The Player’s Aim – The simple objective of roulette is to correctly predict the winning number or colour that’s the outcome of each spin of the famous gaming wheel. This is a matter of pure luck, so even a first-time player has the same chance of winning as a player who’s been enjoying roulette all their gaming life. Very democratic!

The Roulette Wheel – The wheel traditionally comes in one of two formats. One has 37 equal sectors numbered 0 to 36 in non-consecutive order, whilst the other adds an extra sector numbered 00 to this arrangement. The 0 (and 00 if present) sectors are typically filled with a green background, whilst the remaining numbers are divided between 18 black and 18 red-filled sectors.

Placing Bets – Ahead of each spin of the roulette wheel, players make their bets by placing gaming chips on specific parts of the table layout to indicate how much they want to stake on a specific outcome. You are not restricted to making just one bet per game either, so you’ll often see players liberally spreading chips around the layout to make multiple predictions.

Bet Limits – As mentioned above, players can place multiple bets on each and every game of roulette, however every bet type possible will have a prescribed bet limit set by the casino for that table.

Winning Your Bet – Once all bets are placed, the roulette wheel is then spun. No more bets can be placed from this point until the game is complete. A small ball is introduced to the spinning wheel by the casino’s (virtual or live) dealer, and wherever it finally settles decides the winning number and colour for that game. A small token – called a ‘dolly’ – is placed on the betting layout to indicate that winning number / colour and all winning bets are then paid out at the indicated odds.

Roulette Odds

The traditional choice of Roulette bets and their related odds are shown below:

Bet Type Description Pays
Colour Bet Bet on outcome to be Red or Black. Green is not offered as an option. 1/1
Even / Odd Bet on outcome to be an Odd or Even number. 1/1
Low / High Bet that outcome will be either 1-18 or 19-36. 1/1
Dozen Bet that outcome will be either 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 2/1
Column Bet that outcome will be a number contained in the first, second or third column on the table layout. 2/1
Line Bet Bet that outcome will be one of six consecutive numbers – chip is placed on the intersecting line between the two rows of three numbers the player wants to bet on. 5/1
Five Bet Only available on games with a Double Zero – bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3 to win. 6/1
Corner Bet Bet that outcome is any four adjoining numbers in a block – chip is placed on the intersection of the four numbers on the layout. 8/1
Street Bet Bet that outcome will be one of three consecutive numbers – chip is placed on the edge of the row containing the three numbers the player wants to bet on. 11/1
Split Bet Bet that outcome will be one of two adjacent numbers on the layout – chip is placed on the edge separating the two numbers bet on. 17/1
Row Bet Only available on games with a Double Zero – bet on 0 or 00 to win. 17/1
Single Number Bet on outcome to be a single number (including bets on zero, or double zero if present) 35/1

The House Edge – One attractive feature common to Roulette games is that no matter the bet type you choose, the house edge is the same. This means there’s no theoretical advantage to choosing one bet type over another – in the long run they will all payback the same amount to players from all the wagers placed on them. This contrasts with other multi-way betting games, for example Sic Bo, where the house edge varies between bet types, making some better ‘value’ than others.

House Edge / RTP – Where a Roulette wheel features a ‘single zero’ the house edge for all bet types is 2.70% (RTP 98.30%), whereas a ‘double zero’ wheel is less favourable to the player nudging the house edge up to 5.26% (RTP 94.74%).

Comparison – Most online slots have an RTP figure in the mid 90% range, so single-zero Roulette games are mathematically more favourable to players. Blackjack and certain online poker games are where you’ll most likely find the very best RTP figures available in a casino, but these games do require an element of skill to achieve that kind of result. With that in mind, Roulette is a very attractive proposition – good odds for the player, and no requirement of skill to get them!

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Roulette Strategy

It’s important to understand that roulette is a game of pure chance and so issues of strategy are not really relevant. The web is awash with ‘betting strategies’ for roulette – the Martingale strategy being one notorious example – that theoretically work, but casinos have been wise to these for decades and roulette has entirely legitimate rules regarding bet limits to counter them..

Top 5 Playing Tips

Avoid Double-Zero Wheels – Mentioned above, games with double-zero wheels (typically advertised as American Roulette) offer players far less favourable odds than single-zero games. Stick to the classic single-zero games to get the best value for money from your gaming.

Choose Bets That Suit Your Style – One of roulette’s attractions is that the choice of bets lets players select how they balance their enjoyment of winning frequently against how big single wins are. If you’re happiest getting smaller but more regular wins, choose bets with the lower odds such as the Even / Odd and Colour Bets. If you like more thrilling wins and don’t mind hanging in there for them to materialise, edge towards the more volatile bets with higher odds.

Set A Bankroll – Roulette’s enduring appeal is a testament to its compelling gameplay. For that reason, make sure you’re smart about good money management when playing for real. Set a bankroll of funds you’re happy to play with and if that is spent during a session, stop playing. Never play with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Play Free Roulette – The best Canadian online casinos offer ‘fun play’ or ‘demo mode’ versions of all their games, so if you’ve never played the game before take advantage of this. Playing free is the perfect way to learn the game if you’re new to its charms, and will let you get clued-up to how the game flows and how its betting works before you commit any real money.

Check Out Bonus Rules – If roulette is going to be your go-to game at an online casino, take time to see how a potential club treats its roulette games with regard to bonus promotions. Typically, table games don’t contribute the full 100% of wagers through them to a casino’s bonus money wagering requirement, but some online casinos offer better terms than others. As a rough guide, online roulette games often only contribute 10% to wagering requirements, so be alert to online casinos that improve on that if maximising the potential of bonus money is important to you.

Roulette Variations

The most common roulette variations casino players are offered are:

European Roulette: This game features the single zero wheel and offers players a low house edge of 2.70% across all bet types.

American Roulette:  This game adds the double-zero to the traditional European game. The disadvantage to the player from this simple addition is a near doubling of the house edge to 5.26%.

French Roulette:  This is essentially a variation of European Roulette that adds additional bet selections to the layout on an area sometimes called the ‘Racetrack’, allowing bets on clusters of numbers called Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers. French Roulette retains the house edge of 2.70% across all bets.

Online Roulette: Conclusion

Roulette really is quintessential casino entertainment. It’s fun, easy to learn and very dynamic. It also represents some of the best value-for-money betting you can find in an online casino, so it all adds up to a package every smart player should explore. All our recommended casinos include very fine selections of roulette games – some including Live Dealer versions for the closest feel to playing in a real-world setting – so, if you’re in for a spin, you’re just a click away from a great place to play!

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