Mobile Casinos

In the last decade the mobile gaming market seems to grow significantly every day, thanks to computer technology developing at lightning speed. The booming online casino industry evolves alongside, and nowadays many gambling providers are adding apps and gaming platforms for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This largely contributes to attracting a wider public on gambling sites that can be accessed almost instantly, anytime and anywhere.

Simply put, it is now possible to earn real money at any of our recommenced mobile casino providers. Your favorite game follows you wherever you are: in a queue, while traveling, during your lunch break or at the hairdresser.

Top Mobile Casinos in Canada

Rating Mobile Casinos

There are various ways to evaluate a mobile casino. In order to help you make the best choice, we constantly review the casinos we recommend, and always make sure to publish updated information concerning mobile versions of our Top Casinos for Canadian players.

The following criteria are important in our opinion:

  • The number of games on offer and the variety of game types
    Slot machines are by far the most popular, so we recommend to always check if the slots you like are available in the mobile casino. The offering of progressive jackpots, table games such as Roulette and card games such as Blackjack is also a strong indication of the quality of a mobile version.
  • Easy registration and login
    New users must simply create an account on their mobile device. Users who already have an account with an online casino normally have no trouble accessing their account on their mobile. Some operators synchronize individual player accounts, which allows switching back and forth between computer and mobile while playing your game of predilection.
  • Secure and reliable payments; Quality of service
    The same rigorous data encryption apply to mobile casinos as when making purchases online. Additionally, modern payment methods such as eWallets don’t require users entering their personal information. An efficient 24/7 customer service ensures that all the benefits of the online casino continue to be available to their mobile users.

Best Games on Mobile Casinos

Gaming operators strive to offer the same wide choice of games on their mobile version compared to their web version and players constantly see significant improvements, including better graphics and much faster play.

Tablets have larger screens and therefore better graphics resolution. That makes them a top choice for any mobile game, but the latest online slots are developed specifically for mobile users and their features simply make it more enjoyable, whether you’re playing from home or on the go.

Live casinos give the feeling that you’re inside a land-based casino. This feature adds a great deal of fun to the mobile casino experience. When live dealers started appearing in mobile casinos, Poker and Roulette players felt the excitement of their game rise a notch.

Accessibility from Mobile Devices

Just click on the mobile version of the casino, knowing that usually you can play directly in the browser of your smartphone or other mobile device, but it is recommended to download the mobile casino of your choice, or its app when available, for highest efficiency and to avoid interruptions in areas of low coverage.

Mobile casinos are available on devices using Android, iOS and other operating systems, and each game you choose to play automatically adjusts to the screen size of your device. That means that you’re always playing in “full-screen” mode.

Android and Apple are considered the best options. Android tops the list with a larger selection of casino apps, but mobile casinos offering real money play are harder to find on Google Play.
Apple takes a strong second position. The App Store gives access to less apps, but they’re all available for real money play, and iPhone or iPad owners enjoy a faster and smoother gaming experience.

When mobile phones became widespread, Windows Mobile devices were popular. The HTML5 technology allows users with devices running on Windows 8 or BlackBerry to also enjoy mobile casinos, albeit a limited use.

Requirements for Best Mobile Experience

All 3G devices and later generations are suitable. The designers of gaming websites are aware that they must be fully compatible both for web and mobile users.
More casinos are becoming accessible directly in the web browser of smartphones thanks to the rise of HTML 5 coding. Its widespread use makes the gaming experience more realistic and fun for players.

Today, the processing power and screen attributes of mobile devices have improved tremendously and they meet the growing quality requirements that players expect. In fact, software developers like NetEnt effectively improve the gaming experience with constant innovations in the themes and bonus features of their games, and also by designing a smoother mobile user interface.

Mobile Casinos: Conclusion

The mobile casino industry showed its ability to evolve and innovate very rapidly since the beginning. Game developers and online casino operators have done a great job to meet the demands of players, by reproducing the atmosphere of good old land-based casinos better than ever before.

When conventional online casinos became mobile, they were able to bring the already impressive gaming experience to a new level of entertainment, while maintaining or improving the quality and range of the games and services that their players had come to expect. They also reached out to a larger public thanks to the exploding popularity of mobile phones and tablets.

In the end, it’s only a matter of software capacity. When you know that you can already play casino games with wrist watches, and the arrival of virtual reality is already on the horizon, one wonders what further progress mobile casinos will reveal in the coming years. So if you’re a fan of online casino games and you own a smartphone or a tablet, don’t hesitate to try a mobile casino now!